Lovely Tauber Valley

Beautiful valley with many attractions

TLT/Peter Frischmuth
© TLT/Peter Frischmuth

The Tauber Valley is not harsh or rough, rather its land is gently undulating, gracefully revealing its particular charm. And because the people, who live among sunny vineyards, historic towns and romantic river valleys are spoiled by their magnificent home and love to share their zest for life. While enjoying a glass of Tauber Valley wine, for example, which is definitely charming – but not always sweet!

There’s plenty to enjoy! Discover cultural treasures from the middle ages through to the Baroque and Renaissance, let the romantic dreamy landscape touch your soul, indulge in sweet enjoyment with renowned Tauber Valley wine or culinary delights , traverse the region by foot or by bike.
These are experiences that appeal to all of the senses equally. The wonderful wine region along the Tauber stream between Freudenberg am Main and Rothenburg ob der Tauber is just waiting to show its charm to visitors, with gentle hills, idyllic river valleys and superb vineyards.

Every season has its own particular appeal: the spring is full of flowers and is a time for romantics. The summer is when lust for life is sparked at one of the many festivals . Autumn brings grape harvests and the many light-hearted wine festivals. And don’t forget winter, with its Christmas markets in front of town backdrops and the landscapes sparkling in the snow that make the heart swell. 

Good food and drink are also a type of culture, and they’re certainly not the worst. This is particularly true in the Tauber Valley as it is a region that has put its heart and soul into cultivating and developing the treasured Tauber Valley wines for more than one hundred years. It is often suggested that the cheerfulness and openness of the people in this region has something to do with the juice of the grapes and there might be some truth to that!
There is also a whole range of regional culinary delicacies which taste better here than anywhere – from half-ripened spelt to brown trout.



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