Old town round tour of Lauda

A walk through the old town

You are cordially invited to a stroll through the historical old town of Lauda. Discover additional information and historical data on the individual places of interest.

  1. New city hall (built 1979 - 1982) with marketplace fountain (1983) and High Cross (1893)
  2. Upper gate, erected 1496
  3. Wall image of Old Lauda at the house at Oberlaudaer Strasse 6
  4. Former brook course, today park along the town wall
  5. Maria Church, or Church of Our Lady, erected 1613 by Prince Bishop Julius Echter on old foundations, the cemetery of 1542, rich interior and exterior artwork, shrines, Baroque Stations of the Cross from 1782
  6. Former infirmary, birthplace of Suffragan Bishop Dr. Johann Bernhard Mayer (1669-1757), splendid half-timbered property with open gangway
  7. Jewish fountain near the former synagogue, rediscovered and uncovered in 1988
  8. Baths, newly built in 1747, but already existing since 1551
  9. Former Lauda town halls, at the Marien/Pfarr/Rathausstrasse
  10. Former "Pike Inn", half-timbered house (to 1991) at the corner Rathausstrasse/Kapellenstrasse erected in 1541, formerly guild inn (1741)
  11. Local museum, Winegrowers House from the Renaissance period (1551), birthplace of Professor Philipp Adam Ulrich (1692-1748)
  12. Blood Chapel, mentioned for the first time in a document in 1300, previously "Chapel of the Holy Tomb" in the mediaeval "Jewish Lane" newly erected in 1683
  13. Former Tithe House (burnt down in 1917) with the coat of arms of the Prince Bishops Lorenz von Bibra and Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn as well as of the district magistrate Wamboldt von Umbstadt
  14. Town Church St. Jakobus the Elder, Catholic church with eventful history and many distinctive art-history aspects. Built in 1608 by Prince Bishop Julius Echter, nave was expanded in 1953
  15. Pulverturm, last relic of the mediaeval city fortification (almost 650 years old)
  16. Guest house "Zum Hirschen", typical Franconian court facility, later wine house
  17. Old wine press alongside the Freischlag - Wöppel property
  18. Marketplace once a small lake before the interior of the town wall formed by the Oberlaudaer brook
  19. Historical parsonage with Benefiziatshaus, erected 1721 or 1786 with parish barn and massive wine cellar, today the Catholic parish centre
  20. Former Lauda school building in the Pfarrstrasse
  21. Evangelical Town Church, built 1906/07
  22. Railway buildings, 1870, Neoclassicism / Wilhelmenian style
  23. Steam Engine Monument, locomotive of Series 50, 1978 positioned at the "boundary" between old town and newer buildings
  24. Tauber bridge, erected in 1510/1512 with three round arches, cross (1593), shrine (1644) and Nepomuk statue (1732)
  25. Jesters fountain with traditional folk carnival figures from L. Eder, built 1997
  26. Former Tithe Estate, built 1552, converted 1740 to baroque style
  27. Oldest Shrine of Lauda, (small sacramental house from 1515)
  28. Senior citizens living complex
  29. Historical garden small house, (tour of HKV Lauda)



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