Attractions of the city districts


  • Catholic church St. Kilian (1914-1920) with Baroque figures and contemporary stained-glass windows by Sepp Biehler, depicting the work in the vineyards
  • Shrines from four centuries
  • Historical wine press in the middle of town
  • Seat of Tauber-Franconian Winzergenossenschaft Beckstein eG (winegrower's cooperative), third oldest and second largest such cooperative in Baden (tour of the plant, tours of wine cellars, wine tasting)
  • Wine nature trail
  • Nature and culture trail


  • Catholic church St. Antonius (19th century, neo-Gothic)


  • Catholic parish church Heilig Kreuz, built as abbey church in 1723 - 1730, remarkable Baroque building in Tauberfranken.
  • Rococo freestanding statue of Mary, Mother of Sorrow (1751) in front of the former convent building
  • Baroque bridge over the Grünbach with the figures of Holy Kilian, Burkhard, Michael, and Nepomuk
  • Stately winery building, home of the one-time wine trader dynasty Buchler in the middle of town


  • Catholic parish church St. Vitus (1894) with stained-glass windows from Friedrich Dewalt (1970) and Maria statue by Otto Sonnleitner (1970). In the masonry of the tower, whose lower floor is Romanesque, and whose upper floor has Late Gothic tracery windows, there is a walled-in animal relief (Beast to Ward off Evil) from the Romantic era still visible today.
  • Heckfelder Lake
  • Village well


  • Catholic Parish Church St. Mauritius, built in 1836 in Late Classical style, with Baroque furnishings and high altar painting by Deschwanden (Christ Ascension). The Romanesque tower (1200), which received an upper floor in 1497and later a Baroque dome, has a step portal with bronze doors (scene from the Creation ) by Otto Sonnleitner (1972).
  • Mediaeval "Goths"
  • The "High House", former bailiwick
  • Old watchtower on the Turmberg (the battle on the Turmberg took place 1525 during the Peasants' War)
  • Rests of the wall masonry


  • Historical old town with half-timbered buildings
  • Upper gate (1496)
  • Rests of the town wall
  • Gun powder tower
  • Catholic town parish church St. Jakobus (1698)
  • Marienkirche (1613
  • Chapel to the Holy Tomb (blood chapel)
  • Shrines
  • Late Baroque Stations of the Cross in the town cemetery (1782)
  • Gothic Tauber bridge with Nepomuk, cross and shrine (1512)
  • Local museum
  • Gallery "das auge" of the Art Circle
  • Steam engine monument


  • Catholic parish church St. Josef (1782), furnished in the style transition from Roccoco to Classicism
  • Village well


  • Catholic parish church St. Burkhard (1595) in Renaissance style
  • Former castle of the lords von Zobel, currently retreat house of the Augustinian Order
  • Marstadt lake


  • Catholic parish church St. Georg (1738) with Baroque furnishings


  • Catholic parish church St. Martin (1790) with late Baroque furnishings
  • "Halbritter-Schlössle", castle in the town centre
  • Largest overshot mill wheel in Southern Germany (diameter: 8.50 metres)


  • Elaborately renovated manor house (1583)
  • Evangelical Church (1785)


  • Catholic parish church St. Markus (1824) in the "wine distiller style", late Baroque furnishings
  • Impressive Jewish cemetery (since 1590)



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