Viniculture in Lauda-Königshofen

Tradition in Tauberfranken

Lauda-Königshofen is happy to have four family-managed viniculture operations in the localities Beckstein, Gerlachsheim and Lauda as well as the Beckstein winery cooperative, an association of more than 450 winemakers in the Tauber valley wine country with about 300 hectare of vineyards.

Lauda-Königshofen is part of the wine growing area of Tauber-Franconia, a viniculture region of Baden wine. Baden is the third largest wine growing region of thirteen such regions in Germany. Because of the historical regional affiliation to Franconia, many Baden wines from Tauber-Franconia are filled in the traditional Bocksbeutel bottles. Still today many Tauber Valley people speak predominantly East or Main Franconian and with their vicinity to the university town of Würzburg, feel themselves to be Franconians.

The "lovely Tauber Valley" looks back on a viniculture tradition that is over one thousand years old. An abundance of high-quality vine varieties flourish on gentle slopes along the leisurely flowing Tauber, on some 1100 hectares of wine-growing fields extending from Rothenburg to Wertheim. Since the Napoleonic land consolidation, the Tauber Valley has been divided into three parts and thus belongs to Franconia, Württemberg, and Baden, formerly also called the Baden-Franconian region, a circumstance even today mirrored in the wine law. The current Tauber-Franconia region still profits from the Bocksbeutel privilege, but as a Baden member in the viniculture zone B must also satisfy a higher quality standard than Franconia.



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