Wine festival in Old Lauda

Meeting place of all friends of wine and wine festivals

Annually on the second weekend in June, the old town of Lauda becomes the meeting place of all friends of wine and wine festivals. A diversified program is offered for three full days. At wine stalls, in bowers and cellar vaults, choice wines and culinary specialties await the guest, leaving no wishes of the finest palate disappointed. Music, song, dance and additional cultural presentations invite you to linger in the old town. 

Also our little wine festival visitors won't miss out on fun, either. Every year, the organizer thinks of something for their entertainment, such as a children's carousel, a bouncy castle, or a children's flea market. 

A bus feeder service has been instituted so you can avoid a troublesome search for a parking place, and all our wine friends can enjoy the wine festival and the noble wine grapes without remorse,.

The next wine festival dates:
7. - 9. June 2013
30. May - 1. June 2014
12. - 14. June 2015
10. - 12 June 2016



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