Becksteiner Vintager eG

About 550 winegrower from 21 surrounding wine villages

"With body and soul" is not a cliché, ist a way of living. The Beckstein winery was founded in 1894 and is the third oldest wine grower cooperative in Baden.  From 21 surrounding wine regions, the 450 members cultivate a total of 300 hectares of wine grapes. Fresh, lively, fragrant and extract-rich white wines with a clear profile are the trademark of the Beckstein winery. The passion of the wine makers is distinguished not only by the quality of their wines, but is also reflected in the annual wine festival in Beckstein held in early May, as well as the diverse wine festivals, wine tasting events, and additional activities in the member communities. With "body and soul" is not simply an empty phrase, but this cooperative slogan represents the commitment which has distinguished Tauber-Franconian viniculture for centuries.

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