If you walk from the St. George mill in Oberbalbach along the ridge of the Mühlberg towards Marbach, you suddenly find yourself in a narrow side valley facing the tranquil village of Deubach. Even today, Deubach is still primarily agricultural, so that hardly anything has changed in the idyllic townscape, largely formed by placid farm buildings, in the past centuries.

The sense of community in Deubach is just as exemplary as ever. Between 1877 and 1879, Deubach residents decided to replace their dilapidated church with a stately new building by their own efforts, and this extraordinary voluntary commitment was repeated in the new construction of the village community centre, likewise strongly supported with by the inhabitants of Deubach with their own resources.

Worth seeing:

  • Catholic church St. Antonius (19th century, neo-Gothic)



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